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About Us

Mt. Zion Methodist Church was organized in 1837 in a log cabin which stood about 500 yards south of the current building. The deed was made July 4, 1837 by George Osborne and his wife, Polly, to the Mt. Zion Church Trustees: Joseph Plummer, Joshua Cole, Julen Pugh, and William Black.

Mt. Zion is the oldest Methodist Church in Alleghany County and also has the largest cemetery
in the county. The church started out with about 48 members but by 1880 they had received 37
more people into the church membership.

The oldest date of receiving an appointed pastor is recorded as 1879 – Rev. T. T. Salyer.
The first church building was erected from 1876-1880 and was a wooden structure. It was
replaced in 1955 by a more modern brick building.

Records indicate that Mt. Zion was on a charge with the Independence Circuit, Wytheville
District, Holston Conference (Tennessee). The first church conference was held in 1880 by Rev.
T. T. Salyer. By 1902, it appears that Mt. Zion was a part of the Laurel Springs Circuit, when then became the Nathan Creek Circuit in 1950.

Dreams for the Future:
Mt. Zion has always been a strong Methodist presence in the Piney Creek community. They are
currently not on a circuit. They are however, declining in membership as the demographics of
the community has grown older.

Their dream is to leave the church as a living legacy in the community. The people realize that
they are growing older, their children have moved away, and that people don’t come to church

as much as they once did. But this church wants to be in ministry with the people of this
community even after the members, who are here now, are gone.

What this looks like is a dream that we are envisioning together. It might involve partnership
with other organizations, changing the building to accommodate mission and ministry, or a
number of other things. But what matters is that the people are discerning where God wants
them to go.

Alleghany County is one of the smallest counties in NC. There is great economic disparity here
as well. Mt. Zion wants to be the beacon of hope that people can rely on when they need
assistance. Currently, they give away scholarships to seniors going to college. They support local
non-profits and others who are in need. And now, they dream of where God is leading them as
they look into a future of God’s making.

We invite you to know the love of Christ as shown in the people of this faith community and
join with them in sharing this love in the community as they build relationships in Piney Creek!
Jesus said, “Love others as I have loved you.” Mt. Zion works hard to live by this command.


Contact us at; 336-359-8620 phone; or come see us at 3128 Mt. Zion Church Road, Piney Creek NC 28663.

Worship is each Sunday at 11 am.

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