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Praying Together

Community Work

Our church is involved in many projects within the community. 

Below are a few of the current projects our church is working on. If you would like to learn more or contact us to volunteer on a project, please go to the contact page and submit your information.

Memorial Red Rose


Mt. Zion Cemetery

The Mt. Zion Cemetery is one of the largest church cemeteries in Alleghany County. The church is known for helping people who need a plot to bury their loved one, for a donation that goes to the perpetual care of the cemetery. If you know someone in need of these services, please contact the church.


Scholarships for HS Seniors

With an application students can apply for scholarships to help with college expenses. Contact us to learn more or submit an application.

Graduation Ceremony
Playing with Snow


Coat's for Kids

We partner with Piney Creek Elementary School to purchase winter coats for children in our community.


Benevolence Fund

Our church seeks to help people throughout our community that are in need of assistance with life's necessities. 

Fists in Solidarity
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